Egg Yolk Powder


Sulphated Ash: <3.0%

Loss on drying: <3.0%

Total Plate Count: <1000cfu/g

Yeast&Mold: <100cfu/g

E.Coli: Negative

S.Aureus: Negative

Salmonella :Negative

Pesticides : Negative

Egg Yolk Powder is the high-quality food with balanced nutrition and the good food additive. It has the properties of emulsification, gelatination, foam ability and water retention etc. It is applicable to all food products involved eggs as raw material, such as the pastry, biscuit, chicken essence, instant noodle, ice cream, salad sauce, noodle, drinks and pet food etc.

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Egg yolk powder is rich in lecithin, protein, etc and has good emulsification, expansion, color adjustment and flavor enhancing ability. It can be applied to many products, such as toasted foods, cold drinks, seasonings, mayonnaise , baby’s food, etc. Besides, egg yolk oil and lecithin can be extracted from egg yolk powder for medication and health care foods.

1. It can add into cakes, biscuits, and bread then improve nutritional value of the products, and increase the volume and softness, improve food flavor.
2.After the mixing with the dough,it can make the dough has higher ability of gas containing.
3.Add into the baked goods,and make the food surface colorful and beautiful.
4.As a kind of natural emulsifier for the cold food,it can increase the cohesiveness of fat,and improve the conformality of the cold food.
5.It can as the ingredients of flavoring.

Package & Storage:
Packing: 1kgs/Aluminum foil bag,20kgs/Drum or Carton
Storage:Store the product sealed in a cool, dark place (5°C or below).
Avoid high temperature and humidity.
Once the package is open, remove air or fill nitrogen and use the product up as soon as possible.
Shelf life:1 Years


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