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About Us

BestAgro Kft was founded in 1998 as a company dealing with nutrition and grain feeding purpose. Before 1998 the same business was done by the same people in a state foreign trade company, so we are dealing with suppliers and customers from the past, since 1980, during the time there is a good steady relationship with supplier and customers. Most of the sales are outside Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Our company specialized in trading grains, seeds and pulses, wood products, supplements, edible oils,chicken and pork parts, etc from producers to customers and trade mainly in organic products.

BestAgro kft. has certification of the following companies:

    • Since 1998, EU Bio Biohazard Hungaria Nonprofit Ltd. – Budapest, Hungary
    • Since 2000 Biosuisse – Basel, Switzerland
    • Since 2014 GMP + B3
    • Since 2016 ISCC / BÜHG